We are doing our best to provide a safe environment for your children and ours! We are installing a REME HALO air purifier into our HVAC system. Please see attached link for more info


Our air purifying FOGGER IS HERE! We are spraying equipment, rugs and air with the purifier. Mats will be sanitized between uses. The fogger uses Chlorine Dioxide which is also used to purify drinking water. It is effective for the air and surfaces against bacteria and viruses.

Students 3 & up are required to wear masks during class. They have been doing extremely well with this and we are happy to be able to work and play under these circumstances.

Parents should walk their children in and sign them in on the kiosk in the lobby. We cannot have the typical waiting area we have had in the past. Please feel free to check in on your child and watch for a bit, but the majority of the time parents must either wait outside or in their cars.

Thank you for your cooperation throughout these challenging times.